Track your office games!

Creating a game and gathering players has never been so easy. After successful match BattleBot will calculate players rating based on advanced rating system used in many online games.

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Leaderboard keeps track of current season's stats with calculated rating for each player. Your rank will automatically update after each finished game.

Multiple game rooms

BattleBot is designed in a way that each Slack channel is a different game room with its own settings, seasons and leaderboard. For example: you can have a room for table tennis 1vs1 games and another for PS4 NBA 2vs2. There is no limit on how much rooms you can have.

Various game modes

Anyone can create a new game and start gathering players. Others will see newly created game and will be able to participate or skip this one. BattleBot offers multiple game modes. You will be able to play 1vs1 and team games up to 5vs5.


When you think you have enough games played BattleBot allows you to end current season and start a new one with wiped leaderboard. This is the best time to organize play-offs to decide who is the best of the best. Previous leaderboard's stats will be available in archive.

Ready to play? Add BattleBot to your Slack workspace, it's free!

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